Wood burning Rocket Stove

Stainless Steel wood or alcohol burning backpacking stove

Amendment to this review on of May 28,2018.
I used a similar rocket stove exclusively for the last 2 years.  I lost count the amount of times I have used it so I can say a lot. No signs of burn out and had some hot fires with apple wood in it.  I’m impressed.   From smelt fishing through the ice to multi day canoe trips it comes with me and it is the only stove I take. I usually carry a small dry bag a dry wood.  This thing burns very little wood so you can cook a meal, fry up some fish,  etc on a few small 1″x1″x3″ sticks of wood.   I also found a camp cook pot that the stove nets inside itself then everything can fit inside the small cook pot.  My entire kitchen fits inside on small cook pot.  Pretty neat.
Reviewed in June 2016.
Reviewing the stainless steel wood and alcohol burning backpacking stove.
We were at the stump reviewing our new stainless steel wood/alcohol burning backpacking stove. Over all we were very impressed.
The first thing we noticed that it packed quite small when it is nested inside itself. It came with a carry bag. The packed dimension is 5 inch x 2.7 inch(H).  Item weight: 390g/13.6oz.
What makes these stove work so good?  
Like most of these camp stoves, they have air holes on the bottom part of the stand which allows the air to flow in. The inflow of air is efficiently drafted into the fire because the wood is held off the ground by a grate and by additional air holes on the inside top of the fire box. The fire creates draft which further drafts oxygen into the fire.  The heat is stored in the firebox and there is only one way out and that is out to the cooking surface.
How good does it work?
The stove burns very efficient and clean. It burns dry wood into a very find powdered ash. The fire box stores the heat and there is no way out but through the top to the cooking surface.  A hand full of dry material will boil water.
How to use the stove.
1. How to light the stove.
Some fill the fire box with dry wood and reach in with a lighter or match. We are minimalists so we only had the spark of our ferro rod. We found the easiest way to light the stove was to load the stove with dry tinders.  Make a small 2 inch/5cm fire out of birchbark and tinder then set the stove on top of the small fire. The  dry tinders in the stove then ignites in less than 10 seconds and within a minute you have a hot fire at the cooking surface.
2. A good cooking fire
Jimmy says a good cooking fire does not flame out of the top of the stove.  A good cooking fire you should be able to hold your hand near the top of the stove for a few second but no more than 10 seconds.  So keep your fire under control.  With this stove you do not have to load it completely up.  You can easily add a pine cone or a little wood to the fire via the load port near the top of the stove.  Using the loading port you do not have to remove the cooking pan to add wood.
3. Use dry material.
Dry material can be found even when it is raining.  The inside layer of the birchbark is usually dry.  We also baton/split 4 inch peaces of wood. The inside of the wood is usually dry and ready to burn.
4. You can use the stove with Alcohol.
If you prefer, or if you cannot find dry wood you can use Alcohol with this stove.  It has a little dish which can be place in the firebox and filled with alcohol.  Light the alcohol and start cooking.
5. Packing away your stove.
Once the fire is out, the stove cools down in about 5 minutes. The stove can then be disassembled and the peaces nested inside itself.  Put it back in its carry bag and put it in your backpack. A total of 30 seconds.
Like any other camping skills, you become more efficient with practice.

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