Today’s blizzard & a Hack for Unclogging a Snow Blower.

The harbour in front of our homestead is ice free at the moment but I won’t be out canoeing today. An afternoon blizzard with 20cm (8 inches) of white gold falling before changing to rain is forecasted. The roads will not be safe so I will deploy my tractor on snow removal duty early tomorrow morning. I will do the first three hours before heading to my part time office job. I will hand over the tractor to Mike who will finish up the snow removal duties.

My hack for unclogging the snow blower chute.
The wet snow is hard to push and can clog the snow blower chute. My hack for unclogging the snow blower is use a short handle wood stove shovel (ash shovel) to remove the snow from the chute. It is important that the handle be short (12 inches or so). The longer handle ones don’t go into the blower chute as easy and don’t fit behind the seat of the tractor.

I also use this shovel at the end of the snow blowing day to clean the snow from the agar. If I don’t clean out the blower at the end of the day it will freeze then becomes a real pain.

I will be sure to have this little shovel tucked behind the seat of the tractor before the storm hits.