This Eagle has a Problem.

An eagle swooped then landed on the top branches of spruce tree 50 meters from our house. I noticed that he was having trouble balancing on the tree top. The branches were a bit frail for his weight and there was a breeze but nothing that an eagle couldn’t handle. I took a couple of pics and after zooming in, I noticed his tail feathers were a mess. Perhaps the damaged tail feathers was the cause of his balancing problem.

I suspect the tail feather damage was cause by a successful chasing bird seeking revenge or maybe a mating mishap. Apparently eagles mate and nest early. The hatchlings can gain 170 grams or 6 oz per day. I got them beat in that regard because I gain about 5 pounds per day at Christmas but still, eagles are amazing.

One of the biggest nests measured 10 feet wide and 20 feet deep. That’s a bit bigger than a tiny home so if the wife kicks me out I’ll pack a ladder and a tarp. Most likely I will get better cell reception high in the tree so I can call a friend.

Tourist loves these birds frequently stopping to take pictures. I wonder would tourist stop and take pictures of a 300 pound shirtless guy with suspenders and a Tilly hat peaking over the side of the nest 90 feet up a tree. God I just had a visual and I hope it doesn’t come to that. I’m scared of heights. O honey you are awesome. Those cookies are great. xoxo.