Rosie…The One Legged Seagull

Let me introduce you to Rosie the one legged seagull. Note her missing left leg. She came to us about 4 years ago. She was skinny and hurt. My wife being animal crazy fed Rosie back to health. Rosie has one leg so has a hard time landing especially if she makes her approach directly towards the house because she has a hard time to stop. She adjusted her landing approach by making a big swoop and approaches the house not head on but glances along the side. This way if the landing doesn’t go good she has the entire lawn to make adjustments. She is not hard to notice because she is the only seagull that hoovers feet from the kitchen or living room window, looks in and tells my wife she is hungry. It never fails that when this happens… mysteriously my trout, smelt or steak I was saving in the fridge somehow gets on the front law in a cat bowl no less. Because Rosie lacks balance, my wife noticed that it’s easier for her to feed if the food is in the dish so she gets fed steak in the best china in the house which is the fancy cat dish.

Rosie is very intelligent. The funny thing about Rosie is, come October, she flies away for the winter but returns in the spring like a humming. We don’t know where she goes for the winter but I think it is Macdonald’s which she would get fed in the parking lot. MacDonald’s, as the crow flies, or should I say as the seagull flies, would be about 15 km away. I believe she migrates from the area for winter because here on the point our fall and winter is very windy and with her damaged landing gear, she struggles with her landings.

Last October she left and throughout the winter we wondered if she would return. After 5 months, today, March 17,2019, marks the return of Rosie. Something caught Sylvia’s eye so she looked out the window and there was Rosie hoovering two feet from the window as if she never left. This is the most excited Sylvia has been since ours kids came to visit. I know I don’t get that good of a reception but I do get fed. Lol.

Rosie taught us the routine. She hoovers in front of the window until she sees Sylvia getting up. She then goes and lands on the power poll until she sees Sylvia going to the door. She has it down to a science. She leaps from her perch, makes a big swoop so she can approaches the house glancing along the side and land just as Sylvia places the dish of food on the lawn. I don’t suspect this is going to end anytime soon as seagull lives for 50 years. I would say she is about 5 years old.

Now folks… not meaning to be cheep but lets do the math. We feed her about $4.00 worth a food a day for 180 days which equals $720 per year. If we feed Rosie for another 45 years that would total $32,400 plus interests. That equates to $80,000 in total to feed Rosie for the next 45 years. $80,000 is cheeper than a divorce so Rosie gets fed. Maybe I will start a go fund me page.