Romanticize About Winter? Read this.

Here in east coast Canada we have only 1 foot of snow left.  A 30 minute snow machine ride into the highlands will see you to 10 feet of snow with 25 foot drifts.  A crazy amount of snow but here at the foot of the highlands, it is raining and the snow is going fast.  

For those of you who romanticize about our beautiful snow laden winters.  I do as well as I like it but it comes with problems.  People fall, and car accidents are frequent, and it’s hard to cut wood in 5 feet of snow. And after the snow melts and you are standing at ground level, the stumps are so high into the air it tricks you into believing you are visiting Stonehenge. And it is expensive to heat your house, and it take 30 minutes to clean the snow off your car and clear the windshield of ice. And after digging out your car the doors are sometimes found frozen shut, and you fight with them as you do the snow, cold, and wind of winter.   Just when you think you can’t take it anymore, the spring rains come and the warm sun shining on your back is welcoming.  It brings forth a spring fever of sort where minds are flooded with thoughts about fishing, boating, swimming and enjoying the long warm daylight hours of summer.  Sometimes, just as we are adjusting our junk inside our speedos we look out the window and see a disappointing  late spring snowfall which sets summer activities back another 3 weeks.  When this happens there is serious shrinkage and restrictions of your mind and other body parts.  Trying to stay positive I say “O well the speedo didn’t fit anyways as it must of shrunk in the dryer”. So go ahead and romanticize about winter in the north but should you visit don’t forget to be realistic or you just may loose important body parts as your speedo unthaws. 

Thanks from your cold but warm hearted friend…

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