My 2019 New Year Resolution came to me in a Dream.

My New Years resolution came to me in a dream. In this dream, my life slowed down. Way down. In this dream, I am prepared for the long winter. My chores are done including a wood shed full of dry firewood in which I will feed my old wood cook stove. The smell of baking bread bellows from the oven and the light from the burning log flickers through the glass of the stove’s door. In this dream I sit in my cabin upon my hill watching the river empty into the harbour. I watch the water rushing as if it was in a hurry to get to the harbour before the final unfrozen days of winter. I watch the storm in the comforting heat of the wood cook stove. My final years of my life are finally slowed, my stress is non concerning. Only this moment is important. This moment is not fleeting but sustained and repeats itself. And only when I had my fill of this special moment my attention is turned to melancholy and nostalgia. And in these long winter nights I have the time to do justice to my own private thoughts and reflections of my life. What I did wrong, what I did right and my final search for God. And in my dream, the long winter days provides time to plan for the coming spring work so that I can start this lonely bliss and contentment of winter all over again.

May your vision for 2019 be pleasant for you to think about. After all it is only you who it has to satisfy.