Lighthouse Makeover

The lighthouse in my area has been recently purchase and the new owner has plans. I will be doing some of the work and will be posting videos as I go. This is sure to please lighthouse enthusiast so check back frequently.  This video is the first project and it entails moving the bunkhouse that sits next to the lighthouse. Click the link below.

I am after moving several buildings and have pulled many big logs weighting more then the cottage. A bit of experience using the pulley and winch and you can do some neat things. My father moved a big two story house 500 yards using a 1 ton truck. He would jack up the truck, take the wheel off and wrap 1000 feet of cable around the drum of the wheel. He would tie the front bumper to a tree and put the truck in 1st gear and pull the house. The house was jacked up and put on 10 inch logs that was used as rollers. My father and I did this type of work when we logged steep banks. This is where I got my training. We never had a lot of money but my father was a master of make use of what he had. He invented many things that he never patented. Just did it because he liked being creative.  But back to the lighthouse project….click below to see the first project of the lighthouse property.