Is the weather changing and what damage is it causing?

Is the weather changing?
We turn on the T.V. and watch flooding and destructive extreme weather almost weekly. I won’t want anyone to think this news is just an isolated events not affecting your area or your habitat. It’s heart break just seeing the negative changes in my little corner of the world.

This is the place where Salmon and trout followed their same schedule year after year, returning to the rivers to spawn but now they come late or early and much fewer in numbers. And this is a place where the rivers flowed deep except for the driest of the seasons but now even early spring the rivers are lower and is a stressful habitat for fish. And this is a place where the rivers were deep and I could canoe these rivers for most of the season. Now these rivers can only be canoed during the early spring freshet. And this is a place that flooding has occurred where flooding and never occurred before.

So what’s causing all these changes. Is the ice breakers in the north exposing the waters and the newly exposed water is warming the air? Is irresponsible logging ruined the rivers? I am not an expert and the so called experts who says corporate greed is not the problem better think again because something is causing these dramatic changes and at an alarming rate. It’s my estimation that if the next 10 years we see the same amount of negative changes as we seen in this past 10 years, we will see near extinction of many animals.

I don’t suspect my writing will change the world but it is just one more source of information that hopefully will enlighten and motivate people to stand up for our environment.