Hummingbirds have landed.

Shot with my new 77d Canon Camera.

In the middle of May the Hummingbirds show up at our feeders here in Eastern Canada.  They migrate from Mexico to here in Eastern Canada annually.  Part of their journey is a 800 km leg across the Gulf of Mexico.  Bewildered how such a small creature could fly that far, the old people use to say they made their journey on the backs of the migrating ducks. Hummingbirds are smart and use a variety of materials to build their camouflage nest that look like a knot in a tree.  They can beat their wings about 75 times a second.  That is a lot of beets from here to Mexico.   How they find their way to Mexico from Canada and then back again bewilders science.  Not likely we will ever know but I get lost driving to Toronto.