Hooter The Owl

Hooter The Owl

Hooter the Owl

It was March 13,2013 when I was talking to Chad on the phone.  He said, he seen some tuffs of hair sticking above the snow.  He first thought it was bob cat in his driveway but a second look determined it was Great Horned Owl that didn’t seem to be able to fly.  I jumped in the truck and headed to Chad’s.  Trying to catch the beautiful bird was a challenge because we were worried about our fingers and he could run on the deep snow faster then we could.

Knowing he would need some professional help if he was to survive, we called the animal rescue in Sackville, N.B.  Before the staff member got there, Chad and I had already named him Hooter and we were already attached to the magnificent animal. After the staff member from animal rescue arrived,  the three of us were able to get him cornered and Chad with heavy gloves, managed to get hold of him.  We pet him and tried to keep him calm; he did not trying to bite us or struggle away. The animal rescue put him in a box and took him to the animal shelter.

Over the next day or two we kept calling in and checking on him.  It didn’t take animal rescue long to determine he was malnutrition and started him on I.V.

A couple of days past and our attempt to save the beautiful creature was ill-fated.  Hooter passed away!  Yes it was ashamed. The spraying of the forest and reduced habitat is not helping matters, but but it happens all the time in nature and the hard winter challenged the survival off many animals.  R.I.P Hooter for your struggles are now over!