Dad….The Man the Myth the Legend.

Dad’s clothes were wore thin and sported rips from the teeth of his playful horse. With 11 children to feed, his pockets were void of money. His tatter stocking hat warmed is head even when inside of the house. It was debatable if his rusted 2 wheel drive truck would start. If by chance it did, there was no guarantee that the balding tires would see him through the 6 inches of freshly fallen snow. None of these things mattered to him. He was oblivious to self consciousness, hardships or about how people might perceive him. Material belongings meant nothing to him nor did the little mines of others. The only thing sacred to him was his family, his many friends and the integrity of his own mind. Despite his lack of attention to elite social protocol, people flocked to his gentle demeanour, his humour, his wisdom, his genuine interest in people and his ability to love. Dad died on this day, (Feb 22) of 2004. RIP Dad.

I followed my fathers foot steps. This is me logging with my tractor.