Bob Cat

Today we seen a bobcat and a deer. Bobcats are very shy but like all cats, if corner they will attack. A few days ago we seen a huge lynx cross our property. Lynx is bigger than a bobcat. It’s rare to see any cat but very rare to see two within a few days. I therefore question why the sitings. I believe many animals moved from the highlands due to the early snow. Here in base of the highlands we have snow but not near as much as the highlands. I didn’t get a picture of the Lynx but this picture is off the bobcat that we seen today. House cleaning was done today and my camera was put away so by the time I got my camera out it was a bit far away. Any shot of a bobcat is a good shot.

Sitting in the living room looking out the padio door a bob cat crossed the road. This was not the same cat we seen several days ago.

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