On a fishing trip in Cape Breton Nova Scotia.

Our Approach

First and foremost we hope you enjoy your online experience here at Lost Caper.  We have many memories and experiences to share and we aim to help you make your outdoor experience a pleasant one.

My Story

Hi. I am Ray.  After university I obtained what some would call a good career in information systems.  Not wanting to postpone my life on fear and populous standard, I quit my career in information system and returned to a simple life in very rural Eastern Canada.  To help support my simple life I created this web-site.  Should you support me by buying from this site or donating to it, I thank you in advance.



Meet the Team

For us it’s not just a business it’s a life style.

On a fishing trip in Cape Breton Nova Scotia.



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I am thankful that I no longer live to the expectation of deceived and deceiving people.

Jimmy and I overnight in -10 on Emily Macleod's property. We built a shelter and a fire. We did ok until Jimmy stoked the fire at 5:30 am and the wind changed and blew the smoke into the shelter. We headed for home at that point.


Jimmy is my nephew who shares the outdoor passion and is a great inspiration.  Jimmy builds outdoor items like hatchets, and together we forage the woods for, food, medicines, chaga,  glue etc which we will make available as inventory allows.   Jimmy is also our product advisor.

Mom on a fishing trip fishing Salmon off the coast of Vancouver.

Mom with a nice salmon.

This lady took me on my first fishing trip when I was 4 month old.  A countless amount of days I spend on the river with this lady and I am so proud to call her mom.  She is no longer with us but her spirit is still going strong.

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John P. at the fly fishing forum, Moncton, N.B.

This is my brother John P.  He is our main inventor and 3d printing engineer.  Some may know him for his comedy act John P. & Charlie.  John P alway loves to invent fixes to common problems. He is a master at metal fabrication, CAD systems and 3d printing.  J.P. invents,  fabricates, and tests many of our products.


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