A Miramichi Salmon Fishing Trip

Miramichi Salmon Fishing Trip

 As always my buddies Chad, Aaron,  Denis and myself had a great time, staying up late playing guitar, and fishing for three days on pristine waters of the Miramichi.  We ended up with 10 hooked and 7 salmon landed. Chad got a beauty about 15 pounds.

A late but beautiful night on the river . We fished well after dark
A guy with a crazy sense of humour.  We used ATVs to get to the pools thus the helmet.  Helmet
and fishing glasses makes a funny combination but not really a fashion statement.
We enjoyed some incredible camp food.

Some flies I tied up for the trip.

Goddard Caddis
green machine
The successful flies were the Carter's Bug, this orange bug,  and the L.T. Special.
Man what a trip!