2019 New Years Day Blizzard

Jan 1, 2019
2019 is starting with a blizzard on New Years Day. Visibility is expected to be significantly and suddenly reduced to near zero at times in heavy snow and blowing snow.

I fear that I will find myself in a pickle. To help supplement my pension I deployed my tractor blowing snow. I feel nervous as I was expecting only 6 inches of snow so I arrange to train a great heavy equipment operator to run my tractor. This will be the first time anybody has driven my tractor. I am fearing the operator will put undo stress on my aging equipment which may end up breaking something and their is no place around here to get it fixed. Money is an issue as well. A serious break down would surely put me in a pickle. The guy I am training is a very good heavy equipment operator so I guess I will take my chances.

Why I don’t run my tractor myself? In the past I would go see my family five hours away. It would snow or the constant blowing in my area would cause drifting. In to many cases I would have to drive back the next day without even spending a single day with my kids or friends. Trust me when I say I am nervous about putting somebody on my tractor, but I decided to hire an operator to do the snow removal if I am not around. Hopefully this hire will free up a bit of time to enjoy a visit with family & friends without the constant nagging and threat of having to return home to blow snow. Hopefully it all works out as planned.

Happy New Years and if you going to get a blizzard like we are, sit back with a drink of choice and enjoy the storm. Stay warm, safe and be prepared.