What Happens at Camp, Stays at Camp! Episode #1 
Our Annual Winter Camp Classic Jan 25,2019

What Happens at Camp, Stays at Camp! Episode #1 

The weather was harsh for our 2019 Annual Winter Camp Classic. The recent rain and melting snow flooded many of the rivers and roads. Then as if the polar vortex seen an opportunity to reek havoc, it moved into the area which dropped the temperature to -20 Celsius which made an icy mess. We fought the Polar Vortex havoc by taking our supplies in via ski-doo and pulk.

Flooded Rivers and Road

The drive to Aaron’s gave testament of the recent foul weather. The Salisbury River overflowed it’s banks and the Pollett River was a torrent. It’s interesting to note that the last three winter classics were hindered by weather. Last year, due to ice, we could not even get to the camp so we stayed at Aaron’s house. In 2017, we made it to the camp but when we awoke, the road was a sheet of ice. We were forced to slide our trucks down the 1 km steep icy slope . The trucks skid into rocks and trees and nearly went over an embankment. We made it down with minor damage but the trucks were old anyway.

Not wanting a repeat of 2017, we took our supplies into the camp via ski-doo. By early afternoon we had the wood stove roaring and dinner cooking. On the menu was beans and maple syrup bear sausage. The maple syrup in the recipe eliminated any and all game taste. Man were they good.

A Local History Hike.

A camp of yesterday years. It’s couldn’t talk but seem to tell a story.

After dinner we went for a hike. We tippy toed over the icy road. Occasionally we would break through and found 6 inches of water running under the ice. My feet got wet as my boots are cold weather but not completely water proof. It was rather a historic hike in that we visited an old camp of yesterday years. The years and elements took it’s toll on the old camp. It mostly had fallen down. Remaining was the porch and intersecting wall.

We eventually made it back to Aaron’s camp. My feet were damp so a change of socks and heat from the wood stove felt good.

Lucifer the Elusive Devil Squirrel.

Lucifer, the elusive possesed squirrel who was damaging the camp, made his appearance. Aaron had 4 bullets and missed the little bugger 4 times. Did he miss him or was Lucifer possessed and the bullet passed right though him without harm. Aaron blamed it on the gun sites but Chad and I blamed it on his aim and didn’t hold back on the trash talk. After Lucifer’s narrow escape with the flying bullets, he ran away but Lucifer revisited the camp and found his way up inside the insulation of the attic. All we could do at this point was listen to him run around and chew things up. Little buggers.

Warm Wood Heat, Cold Beer & Old Fishing Videos.

With the warm wood heat and cold beer we put our feet up and started watching our fishing videos from 2007 to present. Aaron’s uncle, nephew and son showed up so we switched to guitars and had a big smelt cookout. Smelts are a small but very tasty fish. Chad deep fried them up crisp in a light thin spicy batter and O My God were they good. We sure eat good meals but these smelt are something special.

Occasionally we went outside and told some stories and admired the unobscured view of the stars as there was no light population and the night sky was clear and cold. Later that night the weather change to cloudy and blustery.

Enjoying the Cold Early Morning Activities.

I watch the flames come to life as I stoked the wood stove. After my visit to the outhouse, I walked around the camp property and enjoyed the quite of the morning. Away from the noise pollution of the city, I became blissfully aware of the crunch of the frozen snow below my feet and the black cap chickadees that sang and swooped down to enjoy a morsel of food.

When Aaron and Chad arose we went about our morning on our ease. Nobody in a rush, nothing pending, nothing planned and nowheres we had to be but here. What a beautiful way to spend a morning.

We enjoyed a pound of bacon and 12 large scrambled eggs for breakfast.
We didn’t get to plan our fishing trips for the coming angling season but I guess that will be left for another dinner, another day or even another entire weekend at the camp.

It was a great trip but I wish Denis could have made it.

You can see the video of this post at https://youtu.be/uFGTz7xhLKg.
Thanks for reading.