Bushcraft tools

Knives, home made hatchet, ferro rods etc.

At this time we have one hatchet with a handcrafted leather sheath.  Both the sheath and hatchet was hand crafted and tested by Jimmy our product specialist.

$40 plus $20 for shipping.

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Rescue Your Best Fly or Lure From a Tree.

Don’t loose your best fly or lure to a tree. This is a fly retriever that we invented that was viewed on  World Fishing Network T.V.  Also on the World Fishing Network’s web-site is me doing a demo on how it works. the link is below.  http://www.worldfishingnetwork.com/search/?query=fly%20retriever


$15.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

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Camp Cooking Supplies

Camp cooking supplies and more.  We also have GPS tracks and trip information.


This item is still under construction.  We will be updating this page by June 10.

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Our Products are Made by Outdoorsmen, for Outdoorsmen.

The thing that makes our business unique is we spend many hours in the outdoors so we recognize the problems and find or invent the fixes. For example we invented the fly retriever which gets your fly or lure out of trees.  This item was aired on the worldfishingnetwork T.V. show and is also still on their web-site.   Here is a link to the site with me doing a demo of our fly retriever.  Check out how it works. http://www.worldfishingnetwork.com/community/post/fly-or-lure-stuck-get-it-back-with-the-fly-retriever

Now if that go going out on of our way to solve a problem I don’t know what is.

The people who are most interested in our products are outdoors men and women who want to get good quality at a fair price.  Our number one competitive advantage of getting good products in your backpack or tackle box is that we use these products very frequently so we get to know what works and what doesn’t. We share these ideas and experiences on our blog and youtube channel and we post the items we think are valuable here on our site.

Don’t forget to check out our exciting and informative blog and we hope we can make a difference in your next outdoor experience.

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